Corrections: Egg residue considerations for treatment of backyard poultry

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In the report “Egg residue considerations for treatment of backyard poultry” (J Am Vet Med Assoc 247;12:1388–1395), chlortetracycline products approved for use in laying hens were inadvertently omitted from Table 2. Table 2 should be as follows:

Table 2—

List of drugs approved by the FDA for use in laying hens in the United States as of September 2015.11

Active ingredientEgg tolerance concentration (ppm)NADA or ANADATrade name
Amprolium4.0–8.0012–350Corid 25% type A medicated article and Amprovine 25%
  013–149Corid 9.6% oral solution and Amprovine 9.6% solution
  200–488Ampromed P for poultry
  013–663Cocciprol oral solution
  200–463Amprolium-P 9.6% oral solution
  200–496Amprolium 9.6% solution, Corid 9.6% oral solution, and AmproMed P for poultry
Bacitracin0.5046–920Baciferm-10, Baciferm-25, Baciferm-40, and Baciferm-50
  046–592BMD 30, BMD 50, and BMD 60 type A medicated article; BMD 50 granular A; and BMD 30 granular A
  098–452Albac 50 type A medicated article
  200–223Albac 50 type A medicated article
Chlortetracycline0.4048–761Aureomycin 90 meal, 90 granular, 100 granular, and 50 granular
Erythromycin0.025010–092Gallimycin 100P and Gallimycin 50
Hygromycin B0011–948Hygromix 2.4
  140–443Hygromix 1.6 premix and Hygromix 0.6 premix
  013–388Hygromix-Tylan Premix
  010–918Hygromix 8
Tylosin0.2015–166Tylan 100 Premix
  140–680Tylan 5, 10, 20, and 40 Premix
  012–491Tylan 100 and Tylan 40
  013–162Tylan Premix No. 10
  098–431Tylan 10 Premix
  013–388Hygromix-Tylan Premix
  046–415Tylosin 5, 10, 20, and 40 type A medicated article and CO-OP Tylan 10 mix
  200–484Tylovet 100
Nitarsone0.5007–616Histostat-50 (will be withdrawn Fall 2015)
Proparacaine hydrochloride009–035Ophthaine Solution

Laying hens treated with any of these drugs in accordance with the label directions will have a 0-day egg withdrawal time.

Not currently manufactured.

ANADA = Abbreviated new animal drug application. NADA = New animal drug application. — = Not established.

In the FARAD Poultry Statistics section of the paper, the final sentence of the first paragraph related to tetracyclines (“In the United States, the egg withdrawal interval for hens following treatment with chlortetracycline needs to be extended from those established in Australia and Ireland to allow residues time to deplete below detection limits.”) should instead be: “In the United States, there are 2 chlortetracycline-medicated feeds approved for use in laying hens.12 When used per label instructions, there is a 0-day egg discard.”