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Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide (3rd edition)

Ana J. Adams, DVM, MS, DACT

The third edition of Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide is a wonderful tool for novices as well as experienced breeders who wish to delve into the world of canine reproduction. It can also easily serve as a powerful tool for veterinarians with an interest in reproductive medicine and as such should be included as an excellent quick reference. The author is a veterinarian with over 40 years of experience with dogs who does an excellent job of discussing all aspects of canine reproduction in a straightforward and simplified manner using language and terms that are appropriate for breeders or laypersons while also providing medical information and scientific data in a practical and engaging format for veterinarians.

With tremendous experience as both a dog breeder and a veterinarian, the author demonstrates the unique ability to communicate effectively with both groups, which is a feat unto itself. Breeders often are a group poorly understood by veterinarians, which results in stress for busy veterinarians and motivated breeders, and this third edition does an excellent job of bridging the communication gap that often exists between the 2 groups. Breeders who have encountered any of the many challenging experiences common to breeding management will find the material is detailed and accompanied by thorough explanations of commonly required skills, such as assistance during whelping, tube feeding, or removal of dewclaws, which will enable them to safely perform many of these techniques at home. Veterinarians seeking deeper knowledge will find concise data on all aspects of canine reproduction, with many original tables, diagrams, and charts provided by the author on the basis of her own experience as well as on the basis of data from well-known researchers.

Material in this edition is divided into 20 sections, with topics ranging from initial considerations for becoming a breeder to a brief summary of common problems encountered during dog breeding. There is a fairly lengthy glossary of terms complete with many medical terms that have concise definitions, which breeders will find useful and easy to understand. This book also contains numerous photographs and practical tips on issues not routinely taught in veterinary schools that veterinarians can apply daily in practice. Some of the photographs are slightly lacking in clarity, which may tend to be a distraction for readers, but the author compensates for this by including a vast number of photographs, particularly when demonstrating techniques that are difficult to summarize with only a single view Readers should feel quite comfortable with techniques such as semen collection or tube feeding after reading the author's descriptions, and the photographs are vital to this process.

Perhaps most endearing for readers is the author's ability to provide the material with both humility and humor, often correcting or clarifying statements made in previous editions. This book is certain to be a valuable reference for breeders and veterinarians and should be part of their libraries, where it will be used time and again.—By Phyllis Holst. 254 pages; illustrated. Alpine Publications Inc, 38262 Linman Rd, Crawford, CO 81415. ISBN 978-1-57779-114-0. 2011. Price $24.95.

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