JAVMA Information for Reviewers: What Is Your Diagnosis

JAVMA Information for Reviewers

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Manuscripts Submitted for the What Is Your Diagnosis? Feature

  • How unique was the condition? If not particularly unique, what aspect of the case would justify its publication?
  • Could the diagnosis have been made without the use of imaging techniques such as radiography or ultrasonography?
  • Were history and comments adequate without being excessively detailed?
  • Were imaging studies adequate in regard to number of views, technique, and positioning of the animal?
  • Were images free from artifacts? If not, were any artifacts explained?
  • If contrast medium was used, was it used in an acceptable manner? If contrast medium was not used, should it have been?
  • Were changes revealed by the imaging process pathognomonic or should a differential diagnosis have been given? If the latter, was the method by which the diagnosis was confirmed acceptable?
  • If more than the necessary views were submitted, which views best depict the diagnostic features?
  • Most importantly, will subtle but important changes described by the authors survive reproduction?

Last updated: October 4, 2021