JAVMA Letter to the Editor

Author Instructions: Letter to the Editor

The digital edition of JAVMA is the journal of record. Accepted articles may be published in both the print and digital editions or the digital edition alone, as decided by the editorial staff.

AVMA Letter to the Editor Submissions
The AVMA adheres strictly to the following policies regarding Letters to the Editor. All letters meeting the submission requirements will be considered, but not all will be published.

Submission Requirements

  • Addresses a recent article published in JAVMA or AJVR
  • Received within 4 weeks after publication of the referenced article
  • References the original article
  • May include up to 400 words (title and references are not counted toward total)
  • May be signed by up to three (3) authors
  • May include up to five (5) references and one (1) figure or table
  • The signature block should include the full name and single institutional affiliation for each of the letter's authors and the email address for the corresponding author
  • Letters must be original and cannot have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere
  • Personal or professional affiliations and conflicts of interest should be disclosed so that readers can consider them in assessing stated opinions
  • A copyright agreement will need to be completed prior to publication
  • Acknowledgments will not be published and should not be included
  • All letters accepted for publication are subject to editing
  • Letters may be shared with the authors of the referenced article
  • Letters containing defamatory, libelous, or malicious statements will not be published, nor will letters representing attacks on or attempts to demean veterinary societies or their committees or agencies

Readers may submit their letters via:

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