New listings in AVMA Animal Health Studies Database - March 15, 2022

Published: 10 Mar 2022


Below are some of the new listings of veterinary clinical studies in the AVMA Animal Health Studies Database. Information about participation in the studies is available at the database site.

AAHSD005402: “Local immune response to radiation therapy and combined myeloid cell targeted therapy in a dog model of sinonasal carcinoma,” Colorado State University.

AAHSD005404: “Percutaneous cryoablation to minimize growth in benign and malignant canine and feline tumors,” Johns Hopkins University Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy.

AAHSD005408: “Plasma and urinary amino acid concentrations in androgen-dependent cystinuric dogs,” University of California-Davis.

AAHSD005411: “Investigating canine temporal lobe epilepsy: clinical signs, magnetic resonance imaging findings, and pathological changes in epileptic dogs,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005419: “From benign feline coronavirus to FIP: a study of viral evolution and host antibody response,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005420: “Effect of probiotics on seizure frequency and microbiome in dogs,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005421: “Glutathione-S-transferase polymorphisms in dogs: genetic and environment risk for lymphoma in Boxer dogs,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005422: “Glutathione-S-transferase polymorphisms in dogs: urinary biomarkers of environmental exposures in dogs with bladder cancer,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005423: “Evaluation of efficacy of amiodarone or diltiazem to achieve optimal heart rate control in dogs with atrial fibrillation,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005424: “Evaluation of risk factors and identification of candidate genes for primary closed angle glaucoma in dogs,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005428: “Feline cognitive dysfunction,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AAHSD005429: “First in dog oncology trial utilizing radioembolization Eye90 advanced treatment study,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005430: “Novel IL-12 gene delivery vehicles for transformation of solid tumors,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005431: “Evaluation of regional lymph node metastasis in canine thyroid carcinoma,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005432: “Lattice SBRT for palliation of large tumors,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005433: “Calcium electroporation in dogs with measurable cutaneous cancer,” University of Missouri.

AAHSD005435: “Preclinical comparison of two hypomethylating nucleosides in tumor-bearing dogs,” University of Missouri.

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