AAHA expands international accreditation into Asia

The association accredited its first international practice in Japan in 2022

By Coco Lederhouse
Published: 20 October 2023

Dr. Gen Kato, owner of the Daktari Animal Hospital Tokyo Medical Center, had what some at the time might have considered a lofty goal: Become accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). But in 2022, thanks to his similar philosophical vision and desire to bring these rigorous accreditation standards to Japan—and after two-and-a-half years—Daktari Animal Hospital became the first internationally AAHA-accredited animal hospital.

The hospital, which has three facilities in Tokyo and numerous affiliate locations throughout Japan, offers a variety of services, from wellness and preventative care to 24-hour emergency and critical care to cancer treatments.

"I feel a sense of destiny that my hospital, which has such a close connection with AAHA, has become the first AAHA-accredited hospital outside of the United States and Canada," Dr. Kato told AVMA News. "AAHA standards are the best system for hospitals to provide basic and advanced veterinary care."

Garth Jordan, AAHA CEO, explained that Daktari Animal Hospital was a "really good exemplar" of what it means to start to scale the accreditation process internationally. Following in Dr. Kato’s footsteps, five institutions in Japan were accredited this summer after completing training and certification from AAHA’s staff members.

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