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Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice

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  • 1 Veterinary Dental Center, Aurora, IL
History and Physical Examination Findings

A 2-year-old 26-kg castrated male Labrador Retriever was presented to a veterinary dental hospital for oral examination, diagnostic imaging, periodontal treatment, and evaluation of a fractured right maxillary fourth premolar tooth. The conscious oral examination confirmed fracture of the right maxillary fourth premolar tooth and revealed clinically normal occlusion, rotated right and left maxillary third premolar teeth, and a supernumerary right maxillary premolar tooth as well as a calculus index of 1, gingival index of 1, and plaque index of 1 on the buccal surfaces of the teeth. No additional abnormalities were noted on physical

Contributor Notes

Corresponding author: Dr. Sasser (lsasserdvm@att.net)

In collaboration with the American Veterinary Dental College