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    Perret JL, Best CO, Coe JB, et al. Association of demographic, career, and lifestyle factors with resilience and association of resilience with mental health outcomes in veterinarians in Canada. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2020;257:10571068.

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Letters to the Editor

Resilience matters

I want to thank Perret et al1 for their recent report identifying factors associated with resilience in veterinarians. This is a timely topic for me, because in the past year I have had to go to my well of resilience on several occasions, and fortunately, I found it to be quite full. The authors refer to previous definitions that describe resilience as “a positive response to adversity, such that an individual is at least coping, if not thriving,” and a “stress-coping ability.” I would take it a step further and describe resilience as finding meaning and