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What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?

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  • 1 1BluePearl Veterinary Partners, 3412 E Walton Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.

A 4-year-old 45.3-kg (99.7-lb) castrated male Labrador Retriever that had undergone right and left tibial plateau leveling osteotomies (TPLOs) at 7 and 4.5 months prior to the evaluation, respectively, was evaluated. The right TPLO healed without complications. At the left TPLO site, infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius (susceptible to chloramphenicol and amikacin) and draining tracts developed. Treatment with chloramphenicol was initiated. The left implant was removed approximately 12 weeks after placement because of osteomyelitis at the TPLO site; 2 fractured screws remained embedded in the bone. Chloramphenicol treatment was continued because of persistent draining tracts owing to

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