What Is Your Diagnosis?

A 28-year-old 537-kg American Quarter Horse mare was referred for evaluation of left forelimb lameness of 1 month’s duration. Neither shoeing changes nor phenylbutazone have helped. What’s next?



What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?

What are your plans when clinical evaluation of a 1-year-old castrated male goat reveals signs of depression or stupor and lateral recumbency with opisthotonus and seizures?



Pathology in Practice

What's your advice for the owners of a 4-year-old British Shorthair cat that was euthanized because of lethargy, hyporexia, fever, and icterus?



“We have a very challenging workforce dilemma, one that has significant ramifications to well-being and staff turnover,” says AVMA Chief Economist Matthew J. Salois. The recent AVMA Veterinary Business and Economic Forum explored the issues of busyness and burnout and offered strategies for promoting practice efficiency.

Preliminary results from a survey of over 2,000 pet owners indicate that pet populations and the percentage of households owning pets have increased, which creates opportunities to improve profitability, according to one speaker at the AVMA Veterinary Business and Economic Forum.

The debt-to-income ratio for 2021 U.S. veterinary graduates securing full-time employment is 1.67:1, a drop from 2.09:1 last year and the lowest since 2008.

A high number of veterinarians say they are considering leaving their dream job for reasons unrelated to retirement. The surprising trend was one of several explored during the recent AVMA Veterinary Business and Economic Forum.

Veterinary practices are competing over a highly sought-after workforce for which work-life balance is more important than practice ownership

Vaccination of animals at the San Diego Zoo against SARS-CoV-2 and infections with the virus in big cats at zoos globally were the subjects of two sessions during the 2021 virtual conference of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians and European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians.