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September 2022

(Vol 260; No. 12: pp. 1401-1576)

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Mediolateral (A) and dorsopalmar (B) radiographic images of the left carpus of a 6-year-old castrated male Belgian Sheepdog with toe-touching left forelimb lameness and carpal soft tissue swelling following a 20-foot fall from a ledge.


What Is Your Diagnosis?

A 6-year-old Belgian Sheepdog was presented following a 20-foot fall from a ledge onto grass. What do the radiographs show?



Veterinary practice data is fueling advancements in disease understanding and diagnostics, despite some challenges in comparing records across veterinary medicine.

Latonia Craig, EdD, will step into a new role for both her and the AVMA at the end of this month: chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer. Dr. Craig talked with AVMA News about the lessons she’s learned in career and what she hopes to do at the AVMA.

The application period is approaching for the American Veterinary Medical Foundation veterinary student scholarship program and is currently open for its grant program for veterinary researchers.

The AVMA House of Delegates discussed the responsibility to provide emergency care as well as needed updates to the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act—possibly including updates related to license portability, veterinary technicians, and telehealth.

The AVMA House of Delegates revised the AVMA policy on “Raw Milk” for clarity and accuracy, and an HOD reference committee requested that educational materials regarding raw milk be prepared for the public.

Self-styled mama bear and incoming AVMA president Dr. Lori Teller promises in the year ahead to protect the profession while promoting greater dialogue about the challenges and rewards of encompassing the veterinary profession.



  Featured articles

Amy C. Downey, Daniel J. Duffy, Yi-Jen Chang, Matthew B. Fisher, and George E. Moore
William A. Clark, Randolph L. Winter, Turi K. Aarnes, Eric M. Green, Katarzyna Mikrut, Patrick Ruz, Daniel Addison, Jaylyn D. Rhinehart, Karsten E. Schober, and Harry T. Friel

















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